About Anandam Rubber Company Limited

The Anandam Rubber Co. Ltd. Incorporated in the year 1942 as a Public Ltd Company under The Travancore Companies Act 1114, having Registered office at Kottayam Taluk, Travancore. The Company incorporated as a plantation Company and acquired several Rubber and Tea plantations across South India namely, Anandam, Ennooramvayil, Ancheril, Elambramala and Pookkulam Estate. The main object clause of the Company also provides to carry on the business as an investment Company.

In the year 1944, the Company made public issue (IPO) of equity shares and got listed at Madras Stock Exchange Ltd., Chennai. From the beginning itself our Company maintains good compliance record at MSE.In 30th November 2015, the company also got listing approval from Nation Stock Exchange of India Limited (NSE). The shares of the company start trading on NSE from 1st December 2015 onwards.

The Company gave excellent returns to its members both by way of good dividend and bonus shares.

The Company sold its last estate in the year 1989 and temporally existed from plantation business. From 1989 onwards the Company functions as an investment Company generating distributable profit as defined under section 205 of Companies Act 1956 and giving continuous dividend for last 15 years.

In the year 2010, the present promoters took over the Company after complying with all provision of SEBI Takeover Code and continue to function as an Investment Company.

The present board of the Company consists of persons having good experience in the fields of investment, Finance, Agriculture, Medicine.

The Seven decade old Company have not undergone any reorganization, reconstruction, Amalgamation or name change during its long journey.